Implementation of Solar Rooftop plants subsidy payments under GCRT Phase II

- List of Empanelled System Integrators/Suppliers



  1. Technical feasibility report from the concerned DISCOMs is mandatory as the Technical feasibility is itself an Application Form for On Grid rooftop systems.
  2. Eligibility:
    1. 1 kWp to 10 kWp for Domestic Independent House Only. CFA will be 40% for 1-3KWp thereafter 20%
    2. 1 kWp to 500 KWp for CFA will be 20% for 1-500KWp
      1. Common meter in Independent House
      2. Appartment Common Meter.
      3. Gated Community / Group Housing having single supply for all
  3. Plant Location mentioned in the application form is to be filled with full address including pin code, where the system is to be installed.
  4. A colour photograph should be affixed wherever mentioned in the application form and fill all the details of applicant including pin code number, Mobile Number and Aadhar Card number mentioned in the application should be mandatorily filled.
  5. The required documents should be scanned neatly and to be uploaded in TSREDCO portal as follows:
    1. Check List
    2. Application Form
    3. Self attested colour Aadhar Card
    4. Technical Feasibility
    5. Latest Electricity Bill
    6. Colour Photo
  6. Only Online payment will be accepted for each application including GST. For example, if the application is for 5 kWp, an application fee of Rs. 5000 + 18% GST of Rs. 900, a Online payment for an amount of Rs. 5900/-, is only accepted.
  7. An affidavit/declaration should be submitted by beneficiary on Rs.20 Non judicial stamped paper (Affidavit/Declaration Certificate is enclosed) should be collected also MNRE forms and to be submitted at the time of PCR submission.

VC & Managing Director



All the documents to be submitted to claim eligible subsidy should be as below:

  1. All Columns in the Project Completion Report are to be filled mandatorily. If suppose the column is not applicable, mention it as " NOT APPLICABLE".
  2. Plant Photo
  3. All columns in the Part A should be filled completely in a proper way. Mobile number of the beneficiary is mandatory.
  4. In Part B the date of handing over of the system to the beneficiary is mandatory and the system to be installed and handed over to the beneficiary only after receiving in principle sanction from TSREDCO.
  5. All the details must be provided in Part C and all the three signatures specified in the Part C must be signed with dates.
  6. The GST invoice should be as per the circular issued by TSREDCO and the same should be signed by the beneficiary.(Specimen copy of GST Invoice in Annexure-B is enclosed).
  7. GST undertaking for invoice
  8. The Inspection Photograph should be with complete address of the system installed and the inspection date to be visible on the photograph.
  9. An Audited SOE from a Chartered Accountant should be enclosed. The date and place are also mentioned in the SOE. (The format of Audited SOE is enclosed).
  10. GST receipt of system integrators with beneficiary signature towards Net project cost from beneficiary must be attached to the PCR.
  11. The Joint Inspection Report must be in the MNRE prescribed format.(The copy of Joint Inspection Report is herewith enclosed).
  12. Test certificate of Modules, inverters and other materials if any are to be enclosed.
  13. A list of Module Serial Nos is mandatory to enclose with the Project Completion Report. (The copy of Module Serial Number format is herewith enclosed and soft copy in the Pdf or Excel to be send to by mentioning the Application No or In principle sanction Number).
  14. Work Completion Report for synchronization of Rooftop Solar Generating unit is mandatory. Applicant should be signed on Work Completion Report.
  15. Net Meter Solar Generating Unit Synchronization Report from concerned DISCOMs is to be submitted along with Project Completion Report. The signature of applicant, Agent and the concerned divisional head/sub division head of DISCOM are to be signed.
  16. Under taking/ declaration should be collected by beneficiary for release of MNRE CFA/Subsidy to Integrator.
  17. Domestic Content requirement (DCR) Cell self-certification from system integrator on plain paper and signature with stamp to be submitted.
  18. Module Manufacturer Undertaking/Self- Declaration for DCR cells and modules by mentioning the serial numbers of modules on their letter head.
  19. Joint under taking for GCRT through common energy meter (if system installed on same service which old system exist) on hundred rupees stamp paper and signature with stamp to be submitted.

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