Municipal Energy Savings

Every year government allot some percentage of budget to our municipal corporation in which water supply & street lighting systems takes away 50 – 60 % of the total budget in municipalities. Pumping and street lighting systems offers maximum potential for energy savings when incorporated to other systems.


If we use energy efficient technologies like appropriate size of pumps & motors , use of street lighting system according to the need , illumination levels & efficiency of the systems then we can save this 550 – 60 % of the total budget in municipalities for other public welfare activities like new roads, flyovers, health programs, new wells & taps etc.

Some of the measures are as follows:

  • Rectification of Non-riten valve.
  • Rectification of Pump to enhance the output and operating efficiency
  • Replacement of the standard 40 W tube lights with 36 W tube lights as part of operation and maintenance practice.
  • Replacement of the 250 W Sodium vapour lamps with 150 W SV lamps without reduction in the illumination levels
  • Installation of voltage controller to reduce the voltage for lighting circuits.
  • Installation of timer controller for lighting feeders
  • Replacement of conventional choke with electronic chokes.

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