Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is an important new renewable energy source, derived from the natural heat generated within the earth due to radioactive activities.It can be used as heat energy for various end uses including electricity generation. For thermal applications, the geothermal fluid can be used for space heating, greenhouse cultivation, cooking etc.

Earth has a large reservoir of geothermal heat and its potential has not been completely exploited for the process heat or power generation. The survey conducted by the Geological

Survey of India regarding the available stored energy in the upper 3 km- depth range, estimates. The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay has taken up the preliminary studies and submitted Techno-economic report to harness geothermal energy in Telangana. As per their report, the estimated potential for generation of Geothermal power of the order of 1500 MW in south east of Hyderabad and Godavari basin .After conducting the exploration and research studies, it is confirmed with a fair amount certainness that the following areas are conducive for generating power using geothermal energy.

Bugga, Manuguru of Khammam District Minimum potential of 38-50 MW
Bhadracharam, Khammam District Minimum potential of 40-60 MW
Burgampad, Khammam District Minimum potential of 15-20 MW
Aswaraopet, Khammam District Minimum potential of 25 MW

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