Energy Saving


With the present situation of energy crisis, fossil fuels (coal, oil & natural gas) potential is unable to meet the current energy demands and as we know that energy is the life line of growth in any economy that’s why energy saving is very important. Our country’s per capita energy consumption is 325.1 million tones oil equivalent which is very low as compared to the industrialized countries but the energy intensity is very high.

We can easily narrow the gap between demand & supply and decrease the energy intensity in each sector by simple approach towards energy conservation and efficiency through energy efficient technology and housekeeping habits.

In India major energy intensive sectors which are as follows having an average potential of 20 – 25% of energy savings. The sector wise saving potential would be Industrial (up to 25 %); Agriculture Sector (up to 30 %); Transport, Domestic Commercial and Municipal Sector (<20 %)

Energy savings can be done by each sector in the following manner

Sl.No. Sector Stakeholders Energy savings steps
1 Industrial sector Owner Workers i.e., Officers etc. Bankers Lenders Consultants Customers
  • Top management policy
  • Energy management cell
  • Energy manager in the company
  • Energy audit done by accredited energy auditor
  • Use of std machines & tools
  • Using modern & energy efficient technologies
  • Customer should be aware about of norms & standards of the product
2 Agriculture sector Farmers Bankers Lenders All CEBs , SEBs
  • Using Standard fuel efficient pump sets
  • Through Public awareness
  • Proper installation of pump system
  • Strictly following the norms & standards for each equipment
3 Transport sector Central government State government Consultant Public
  • Use of energy efficient technologies with strict following of norms & std.
  • Fuel-mix
  • Ethanol blending
  • Strict following of Environment standards with regular check up of the vehicle
4 Domestic & Commercial sector Central government State government Consultant, Lenders Bankers, Public
  • Use of renewable like solar, wind etc.
  • No meter tempering
  • Correct power factor
  • Use of efficient technologies like CFLs etc.
5 Municipal sector Central government State government ConsultantPublic
  • Strict follow up of norms & standards
  • Use of efficient technology
  • Through public awareness

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